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Winter Activities

Winter Hiking...

Why stop hiking when winter comes along? The days are shorter, the nights longer, and you certainly won't be hiking in your shorts, but some of our trails remain hike-able most of the year.

While most routes are restricted to snowshoes or touring skis, some valley trails remain relatively snow free. What's open and what's not will depend on the actual weather and snow conditions at the time.

A great introduction to the basics of safe winter travel. Participants should be prepared to walk in some snow, and to expend more energy than would be required for the same distance and/or duration of walk during the summertime.

Trip details... $50-$75/person

3-hour "Wildlife in Winter"

Get out and go where the animals go!

Tracks left in the snow are a virtual storybook on the dramas of wildlife in winter. What made them? Where was the creature going? Why? What was it doing along the way? How did it cope with areas of deeper snow? How does it cope in general with the hardships of northern winters?

Minimal fitness is required, but participants should be prepared to walk in snow and on varied and uneven terrain - possibly on snowshoes - with a small day pack.

Trip details... $50/person

*Note: All prices are based on a minimum of three (3) participants.
Please contact us for pricing details.

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