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Day Hikes

6-7 hour "Mt. Louie West Ridge"

Who was Louie, anyway?

Find out that, and much much more, on a fun, informative, and scenic day hike to the summit of this small but stately mountain.

Lots of time for taking photos, asking questions, and interpreting what we see along the way... and the constantly changing terrain and scenery are guaranteed to keep you intrigued and wanting to see more.

A moderate degree of fitness is required for this trip, and participants should be comfortable walking on rocky terrain while carrying a small day-pack.

Trip details... $65/person

7-9 hour "Mt. Stearn Summit"

This full-day hike to the summit of Mt. Stearn is a favorite among the locals... and for good reason.

Great views into Willmore Wilderness Park, and a super view of the Grande Cache townsite are just a couple of the rewards.

As we climb we'll look at the effects of wind, weather, and slope aspect on the changing plant life and ecosystems, and finally we'll discuss the fragility of and threats to the vast expanse of alpine environment here.

With its considerable elevation gain, participants should be reasonably fit to gain the most enjoyment and appreciation.

Trip details... $80/person

7-9 hour "Mt. Hamell N.E. Ridge"

This is a spectacular and exhilarating route on one of the most striking peaks in the immediate area.

The highlight of this trip is the herd of mountain goat which inhabit the steep, rocky terrain here. We'll also look at Mt. Hamell's incredibly folded rock strata and marvel at the geologic forces required to create and sculpt a mountain such as this.

This is a steep and rugged hike. A good degree of fitness and sure-footedness is required in order to get the most out of it, but we think you'll agree that the rewards are well worth the effort!

Trip details... $80/person

10-12 hour "Lightning Ridge Blast"

This is one to test your determination and endurance.

We get an early start because this is truly a full day! Our destination is the highest point in the immediate area - at 2485 m. / 8150 ft. almost a full mile above the Smoky River valley bottom.

For our efforts we get a magnificent 360° view, with Willmore Wilderness and Mt. Robson to the south, Mt. Sir Alexander to the west, and the town of Grande Cache far below to the east. To the north the flatlands offer a striking contrast with the rugged view to the south.

As we go we'll look at the effects of wind and weather on the changing plant life and ecosystems. We'll also discuss basic navigation and outdoor skills, and safe wilderness travel in a mountain environment.

Participants must be reasonably fit, or they just won't be able to go the distance. This is a long and demanding day.

Trip details... $95/person

*Note: All Day Hiking prices are based on a minimum of three (3) participants.

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