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Equipment List


Day packSun screen[* Clothing *]
Water Jug (1 litre)Blister kit(see clothing)
CameraPen & padBug repellent
BinocularsMap & compassPersonal items


Large pack (70+litre)Sun screen[* Clothing *]
Sleeping bagSunglasses(see clothing)
Water Jug (1 litre)Toiletries
HeadlampBlister kit
CameraPen & padBug repellent
BinocularsMap & compassPersonal items

Taste of Wilderness Tours provides all tents, sleeping pads, food, stoves, cooking equipment, and eating utensils.

Sorry.. for health reasons, we do not supply sleeping bags.

* Remember... save lots of room in your pack for group gear and food!


Participants are responsible for providing suitable, adequate equipment for the trip they intend on making. However, for those who are having trouble rounding up an item or two, Taste of Wildemess Tours does have rental equipment available.

Following is a list of rental equipment rates. If there is something you are sure you will be needing we recommend that you reserve that item as soon as possible.

Day Pack..............$3 / day Headlamp.............$ 2 / day
Large pack............$5 / day

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