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Summer Clothing Suggestions

While the importance of proper clothing is obviously greater the longer your trip, nothing can ruin any wilderness trip faster than getting cold or wet! Therefore, the importance of proper and sufficient clothing just cannot be over-emphasized.

Your clothing must serve three functions. It must protect from the wind; it must protect from rain, sleet or snow; and it must insulate from the cold. For outdoor activities, where both the weather and the level of activity is changing constantly, the layering system works best, allowing you to add or remove layers as they are needed. Outer layers should be over-sized to fit over the clothes beneath. Wool and synthetics are preferable to cotton since they dry more quickly and/or retain some of their insulative qualities even when wet.

Following are some basic guidelines for choosing clothing for a trip with Taste of Wilderness Tours. Some of the items recommended may seem unnecessary, but many of our trips take us into the alpine, where the weather can be quite unpredictable.

Layer 1; the underlayer:

Layer 2; the insulating layer(s):

Layer 3; the shell - for wind and rain:

The head: A baseball cap, or any other hat with a brim is highly recommended. A wool or fleece toque is recommended for cool evenings in the alpine, and a mesh "bug hat" can help you to keep your sanity when the mosquitoes are exceptionally bad.

The hands: A pair of thin wool or leather gloves is recommended.

The feet: A sturdy pair of leather hiking boots are recommended for backpacking trips. Light hikers are adequate for day trips in dry weather. For longer backpacking trips (4 days or more) bring extra footwear for crossing streams and lounging around in the evenings. Gaiters may be useful. And don't forget spare socks.

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